Can you compose music for my project?

I would love to. Get in touch.

Can I use your music in my student project / portfolio / personal video?

Of course. In general, personal non-commercial use of the music is super cool and free. You should credit the music DURING use, if that is not suitable, please credit before use. If you are in doubt if your usage is within personal and non-profit limits, just ask.

Can I use your music in a commercial project?

Of course. Check with the Jamendo Plateforme on-line to see the conditions In case you need a licence, don't panic. The sync rates are friendly, and I can adapt to your situation. The more you can tell me the quicker I can give you an answer: What kind of production is it, a one-sentence synopsis, what track(s) do you want to use, which part(s), for how long, for how many episodes, how big and what kind of distribution if digital/physical, for how long do you need the license (months/years), what geographical area, what kinds of media, etc. etc. It's a bit different depending on production and target media (film, tv, game, web, theatre, radio?) but the more I know the easier I can say yes/no/terms/price.
All in all, just ask. I love to be asked, and I love even more to say yes.

Where can I buy your albums?

You can download all tracks from Jamendo for free.


Not yet but I hope one day ...

When are you coming to play in my town/my country/my treehouse?

I don't play live often (yet). I sometimes play live with temporary projects.

Can I book Atomik Circus to play live at my event?

Yes you can. Contact me. I tend to be most flexible and available around regular touring periods, so long term planning is advicable.

Is the music be available in OGG/FLAC/lossless format?

Yes, ask me

Do you get paid for Grooveshark, Rapidshare, Pirate Bay, torrents etc?


What kind of equipment/software/hardware do you use?

I do everything on a laptop.

Software: I mostly use propellerheads Reason. I use Audacity for sample editing. I don't use a lot of plugins, the main ingredients are mostly Melodyne for pitch/time manipulation. From there I sprinkle the rest with a careful selection of sporadic plugins and effects. If you navigate my blog through the software tag you will generally see what I'm interested in.

Hardware: PC, Keyboard M-Audio, M-Audio X-USB, propellerheads Balance.

I'm making music too! Can you listen to it and give me some constructive feedback how to improve?

It's very flattering you think I could help you, but I'm sorry, I don't have the capacity to assist with that. But I'm interresting to discover

I'm running an Internet radio. Can I playlist your music?

Yes. Please, if possible, report your usage to the correct collection organization. I support and heart online radio, but please consider supporting me back by paying any fee your country's law instructs you to. If you feel the fee is too high, you are a pirate radio, thats OK too, remember to brush your teeth, pirates always had bad teeth.