After a standard local jump, this is how I discovered my pilot chute after my buddy used it to perform a PCA ... anyway, he did a great job : I'm still alive haha

Observed quote : “125$ a jump, I'm going back to skydiving”

PS: To prevent Pilot chute destruction, I just received some break chord … should be enough for a while!

Break Chord static line base jump


My edit of Euro Base Trip & Heliboogie 2014.

Places : Brento in Italy, Lauterbrunnen in Swittzerland, and Kjerag / Lysebotn in Norway

Because Anyone Should Enjoy !!!

Quote of the week " Frenchies are like Russian, but MORE TECHNICAL !" - Ramón -

Posted on 28 June 2014

the great book of base second edition base jump

For the summer reading, I ordered "the Great Book of BASE" 2nd Edition by Matt Gerdes. This book is a highly valuable source of information, this is a must own for anybody (jumper or not)

Go to Base Book to order

Posted on 28 March 2014

atomik circus base jump twin falls perrine bridge

This winter was fucking loooonggggg ! But the end of my hibernation is near. Anyway, with the exception of writing to give news, I had time to do a lot of stuff in recent months.

Indeed, I have a lot of personal and professional projects for 2014, one more year without being too bored !

- a good subzero BASE season to start
- a headstart on 2 new music albums (2 different styles)
- a BASE trip planned for june to play again with European cliffs (Brento in Italy, Lauterbrunnen in Swittzerland, and Kjerag in Norway)
- an acrobatic wingsuit championship in august
- several 360 projects (coming soon …)
- and a trip to conquer the West

More information coming soon, meanwhile,a little sample preview  !