Reason Atomik Tutorial #2: Redrum, Multi-Channel and Sidechain

sidechain compressor redrum reason tutorial

In the second tutorial, we will see how to split the redrum channels in the DAW Reason to have more control on each sample and we will demonstrate the usage of sidechain in a track.

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The samples and the patch are available for free in the download section.

Reason Atomik Tutorial #1: Adding Character to an Instrument

radical piano character tutorial

In my "Reason Atomik Tutorial series" for Propellerheads Reaon, I will show some tips I am using with this DAW to enhance my sounds.

This first tutorial presents a way to add more character to an instrument in Reason. In this specific example, I am using a Radical Piano then with the Dual Pulsar LFOs I automate some parameters of the instrument.

You can download the combinator in the download section for free.