Avi Pottar 10-year release anniversary

Time is flying!

10 years since the release of Avi Pottar! For the 10th anniversary, a remastered version is now available on Spotify and other main streaming platforms!

atomik circus avi pottar

Two Months Later

Already two months since the release of my last E.P. Crack The Code! And I got a lot of positive feedbacks :)

For the first time I decided to push this E.P. and other tracks to the main streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music, Amazon Music & Shazam.

I got the chance to be promoted by ThePrimeThanatos Youtube SynthWave, retrowave Channel

DZlubiciastka's Channel used Turing Award for one of his stylish 80s ads video edit.

And, I have two other “Secret projects” on the side ... stay tuned.

New album Crack The Code out now

atomik circus crack the code album cover

My new E.P. Crack The Code is out now!

Back to the Roots with nine 80’s Synthwave, retrowave tracks. The Writing, Mixing & Mastering was entirely done with Reason (propellerheads software) 9.5 & 10

Enjoy and thank you again for the support! (don’t forget to send me some feedback through any social network).

Download or stream the album from Youtube, Jamendo, Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

Need a license? check Pond5 or Jamendo

808 the documentary

TR-808 808 roland documentary

I watched this documentary randomly on amazon Prime and I recommend it!

808 is an inspirational documentary about the Roland TR 808 drum machine. Released in 1980, the defective transistors used were hard to source, and the 808 was considered a commercial failure, selling less than 12,000 units. However, its use in a number of seminal ’80s recordings gave it a lifelong after Roland stopped its production.

“It's the tale of the birth of electronic music, and how one small machine changed the musical landscape forever... by accident. It's the story of a sound that has been embraced by the world's top producers and performers and has been name-checked on a whole host of hit records. Associated with numerous musical styles crossing both time and genre, its defining sounds are as relevant now as they ever has been. It defined hip hop and modern dance culture and it's sound continues to deliver dancefloor smashing beats today.”