Posted on 01 February 2016

I did some shopping last week and I’m very happy with my new toys.

atomik circus new setup

New speakers: Eris E4.5 atomik speaker Eris E4.5

New headphone: AKG k240

atomik headphone akg k240

Both products deliver a very good sound which help a lot for the mastering!

Posted on 03 January 2016

Some statistics from 2015

atomik circus stats 2016

atomik circus download 2015

I’m impressed! More than 10 000 download in 2015 (January not included in the graph)

I was not very active on social networks even on this website (because I hate writing …) but I can tell you I keep a lot of goodies in stock for 2016 ! and with those stats, I am more motivated than ever!

I updated reason for the 8.5 version with a lot of new and funny features and I have a lot of tracks (electro / hip hop / experimental) to finalize in the pipe. I started and I’ll continue to drop some sounds on Discover and maybe I’ll find other musicians to share some project in the future.

Happy new year


Check out this boogie from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I'm telling you, it was awesome. Particularly when you consider I left the middle of winter in Canada!

All the elements came together to create a remarkable event:

- Nice weather
- Beautiful sights/views
- Amicable Load Organizer
- Cerveza Mexicana
- 1 x Texas Turbine

Needless to say, the trip was priceless. Although, I did manage to lose 4,000 Pesos whilst skydiving :'(

Thanks skydivemex, I’ll be back ! Here is my quick edit and there is a new photo album too.

Posted on 28 October 2014

I haven't released a lot of content since June. I was so pissed after losing my helmet along with two GoPros cameras in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Turned out to be a costly jump!

Five months later, I invested in new gear including the new GoPro 4 Silver edition. After a few tests, I was very impressed with the quality of night footage. One can observe this in the attached screenshot which was taken in dark and cloudy conditions. Having a touchscreen is also very appreciated!

go pro 4 silver edition night footage

PS: I've also attached a picture of mydear helmet in the event someone found it. (exit dumpster)

lost helmet dumpster lauterbrunnen base jump missing

After a standard local jump, this is how I discovered my pilot chute after my buddy used it to perform a PCA ... anyway, he did a great job : I'm still alive haha

Observed quote : “125$ a jump, I'm going back to skydiving”

PS: To prevent Pilot chute destruction, I just received some break chord … should be enough for a while!

Break Chord static line base jump